Mother’s Day: Easy Cinnamon & Sugar Pastry Roses

What better way to celebrate your wonderful mom than to make her a special breakfast that she can enjoy in the comfort of her bed? These Easy Cinnamon & Sugar Pastry Roses are just the thing to bring a smile to your mother’s face this Mother’s Day. All you need are four simple ingredients, and a little imagination….:) Seriously, this is one of those easy treats that you could enjoy at any time of the year, not just on holidays. I myself use this recipe as a substitute for cinnamon rolls when I don’t feel like making the homemade kind. They’re that good! This recipe can easily be doubled, tripled, or quadrupled as needed!;) Now, enough talk, onto the recipe. This episode of Delicious Food 101 features The Chef, Queenbee, and La Critico.

The Chef: “Queenbee, I was thinking about adding these to your Mother’s Day breakfast, what do you think?” Queenbee: “That’s a great idea! These are really good!” 

The Chef: “La Critico, do these little delicacies compare in any way to your beloved canned cinnamon rolls?” La Critico: “These actually do taste like those.” The Chef: “I’m so glad you like them.” 

Four Amazing Ingredients: 1 tube refrigerated crescent roll dough, 2-3 tbsp. melted butter, 1/3 to 1/2 cup granulated sugar, 2 tsp. ground cinnamon.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Spray a muffin pan generously with cooking spray. Unroll your crescent roll dough and separate the triangles from each other. On a flat surface, toss together the cinnamon and sugar. Brush melted butter liberally on both sides of the dough triangle and roll it in the cinnamon sugar. Repeat as needed. Starting at the skinny side of the triangle, tightly roll the dough inward and to the right, creating a rose bud shape. Place each “rose bud” into the muffin pan. If you wish, you may exaggerate the “rose petals” a bit by pulling them outwards after the shaped roll has been placed into the muffin pan.

Onto the oven! Bake the rolls for ten to fifteen minutes. While the rolls bake, feel free to whip up a simple glaze to really send these little delicacies over the top!

One Beautiful Glaze: 1 cup powdered sugar, 1-2 tbsp. evaporated milk (or any kind of milk).

Whisk the sugar and milk together until they form a smooth, pourable paste. Place a piping bag or a Ziploc bag into a glass, folding the edges of the bag over the sides of the glass, and fill it with the glaze. Remove the finished rolls from the oven , snip off the tip of the bag, and use it to ice the rolls.

They’re, so, beautiful….:)

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