Recipes for College Students: Spicy Egg Salad Bagel

With an everything bagel, anything is possible. At least, most things are…This Spicy Egg Salad Bagel is a light and fresh twist on the egg salad you southerners grew up eating, and let me tell you, it is delicious. Every once in a while you need something spicy to add a little pizzazz to your diet, you can’t always eat mild foods! This recipe could either be spicy, or really spicy, depending on how you like it. Personally I enjoy spicy foods on the mild to medium scale, and do not care for things like straight up sriracha, hot sauce, jalapenos, that sort of stuff. But if you like hot, go for it! You are braver than I, and have a much stronger stomach.:) Think of classic egg salad as a carrier for greatness, a springboard of possibilities, a bread dough awaiting it’s final glory. Enough examples? Okay. Speaking of the word okay, does anyone else have an inner explosion when you send a long and information-filled text to someone and they respond with “K”? That’s just wrong! My feelings regarding this occurrence can only be summed up in the following meme:

Image result for sends long text responds with k meme

Any-who, now that I got that off my chest….back to the recipe!

The Ingredients: 1/2 of an everything bagel, 2 soft-boiled eggs, 1 slice all natural pepper jack cheese, 1/2 ripe red tomato, 1 tbsp. light mayonnaise, 1 tsp. southwestern ranch dressing, 1 tsp. sriracha hot sauce (optional), finely diced jalapenos (optional), freshly ground black pepper.

Toast the bagel half to desired toastiness in your toaster. Top the toasted bagel half with the cheese, set aside. Peel the eggshells off of the boiled eggs, dispose. Mash the peeled eggs with a fork until crumbly. Finely dice the tomato, and mix with the eggs. Add the light mayo and the dressing, stir to combine. Add desired amount of freshly ground black pepper. Pile the egg salad atop your bagel half. Serves 1. Enjoy!

The juiciness of the tomato, the crispiness of the bagel, the cheesiness of the cheese, what’s not to love?



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