White Chocolate Funfetti Muddy Buddies

Say you….say me….say it for always….that’s the way it should be…..that’s how good muddy buddies taste, but only if they’re homemade! Delicious, not-nutritious, not-just-for-parties muddy buddies! Girls, DO NOT buy that tempting bag of muddy buddies on the raisins/trail mix/random health foods/random healthy people/why are you people still standing here move out of the way I ain’t got time for food that tastes like dirt isle. Seriously though, it’s no wonder that skinny people are thin, they ain’t eatin’ nothin’ that tastes good! Gurl, you need some biscuits and gravy! Cheese and butter! Fried chicken and mashed potatoes! Or you could go along your boring way, eating your packets of almond butter…..no life….no friends….nothing! And another thing, almond butter tastes like sandy chalk with an aftertaste of Styrofoam. Who likes that stuff? Peanut butter all the way! ………..Um, where were we? Oh yes, before I departed on a random rant about health food isles in grocery stores and thin people, we were here to discuss muddy buddies! Delicious, not-nutritious, how-to-get-curves muddy buddies! Yes, sugar is evil, but it’s SO GOOD. Yes, I’m feeling very sassy today, why do you ask? Before I depart again from the subject matter, let us engage in the art of making snack food. Oh, who am I kidding. Let’s shake up a bag of chocolate and butter and chex mix!

Six Subjects, One Goal: 1 large box Corn Chex cereal, 1 bar Lindt white chocolate, 1 1/2 cups funfetti cake mix, 1/2 to 1 stick butter, 1 cup powdered sugar, 1/3 cup rainbow sprinkles.

Add the Chex cereal into a gallon size Ziploc bag. Place the bag inside of another gallon size bag. Melt the white chocolate at thirty second intervals in your microwave until smooth. Let cool and stir in the  sprinkles. Add that to the Ziploc bag. Melt the butter, pour that in, seal up the bag(s), and shake well until all the cereal is coated. Now add the cake mix and powdered sugar. shake well until all the cereal is coated. Refrigerate the whole shebang for 30 minutes or a couple of hours, pour into a large serving bowl, and enjoy!

The simple beauty of this snack food is incredible, FYI I forgot to add the sprinkles to the white chocolate, so they didn’t stick to the cereal, but drifted to the bottom of the bag.:P

20160919_1232190 20160919_123219 20160919_123233




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