My Top Ten Favorite Dessert Recipes

Are you ready for ten of my favorite dessert recipes? You sure? It’s going to contain a lot of fat and sugar! Still in? Okay then! You’re my kind of person! For those of you who have not have time to delve into the bowels of this blog, I am going to start posting a collection of my favorite recipes from each category, that way you can access them more easily. Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up….of course, none of my recipes are that bad…..

10. Strawberry Pretzel Cheesecake

This cheesecake was so much fun to make, and even more fun to eat! If you like sweet and salty desserts, this one is for you.

Here’s the link to happiness!


9: Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ohhhh…don’t even get me started on these bad boys, so easy to make! So easy to eat…..

Here’s the link to these semi-healthy crispy wonders!


8. Easy Peach Dumplings

One bite of these and you’ll make like Remy on Ratatouille and have fireworks exploding in your brain.

Second helpings will happen, you have been warned.


7. Dark Chocolate Pudding

Creamy, chocolately, luscious…..need I say more?

6. Marbled Cheesecake

Being one of my first recipes, this one will always have a special place in my heart.


5: Peanut Butter Cookie Cups

Chocolate! And Peanut Butter! A recipe for gluttony!


4. Devil’s Food Cake with Double Chocolate Ganache Filling

This one is a showstopper, make it for any chocolate lover in your life, and prepare to be elevated to VIP status.

Second helpings will happen, you have been warned.


3: Eggless Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Are we seeing a pattern here with chocolatey things? Yes, we are, that’s because I LOVE chocolate, and I know that most of you do too!

Second and third helpings will occur, you have been warned.


2. Layered Milano Cheesecake

I know, I know, stop with all the chocolate recipes! I CAN’T STOP……Hey, at least it’s only half chocolate!

Another showstopper, especially when it’s not buried under a mountain of whipped cream…Friar Tyst!


1. Creamy Layered Cookie Cake

You knew that number one had to be chocolate! This one will always remind me of the moment I fell in love with no-bake desserts…..and being skinny…..




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