Storytime Presents: 1 Week After Surgery, the Highs and Lows

Disclaimer: The following presentation includes graphic images that are not advised to viewers under the age of fourteen. If you have a strong stomach, stay. If not, prepare yourself, or turn back before its too late.

Well now I that I am in no danger of being sued for not giving proper warning, gather around children and adults above the age of fourteen! Yes, there are some ‘adults’ who never matured past the age of fourteen, trust me. Prepare yourselves for gore, gruesome detail, and a complete documentary of my recovery process thus far.

As my avid readers know, this past Tuesday marked one week from my flexor tendon/digital nerve surgery, and let me tell you, recovery has been interesting. On a side note, I apologize for taking so long to get this post up, life has been crazy lately.

The Highs: For the first several days after surgery I was tired, weakened, and not at one hundred percent, which is expected and actually quite mild for someone who spent two hours under general anesthesia. Recovery was going very well and I was just getting back on my feet….when… happened. The Lows: On that warm, verging on hot Monday afternoon, while returning from my first occupational therapy appointment, I got a stomachache. Nothing unusual you say? Ha! That’s what I thought at first too, until said stomachache did not go away. Instead it persisted with a force and intensity which I have not experienced in years and never wish to again. After disposing of evil toxins….my stomachache went away….and we discovered that I had contracted the stomach flu from my hospital stay. So much for top of the line cleanliness. Come on hospital staff, if people get the stomach bug from having surgery, you may want to consider improving the not-so-sterile level of your environment. Any-who, thank the Lord above that it only lasted forty-eight hours, and as of today I am back to fabulous. Well, fabulous with one hand. Here’s the doohickey they have me in now, it’s very hard to describe, needless to say I’ve never seen anything like it. So simply draw your own conclusions from the below photo.

20160825_100653 20160825_100700

Now for the big reveal of the healing surgery site. Are you ready? Prepared? Stomach settled and in hand? Good, cause here we go.

20160825_095040 20160825_095047

Dan-dan-da-dan! Behold! The Creature! Bwa-ha-hahahahaha….. Can you believe the size of that scar?! And that’s only one side of the incision! I couldn’t get a pic of the other side…

Okay okay, it’s not that big, let’s zoom out.


There we are, still gross, but a smaller gross. I have about twelve stitches and a few potential staples. Or maybe that just dried blood…TMI, I know. Your continued prayers are highly valued as the doctor tells me full recovery may take up to a year. Depressing, right? Oh well, it’s all part of His perfect plan.

The moral of this story: DO NOT USE MIRACLE BLADE KNIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you do, you will get a hunk of meat as a free replacement for your thumb, six weeks of painful therapy, and general misery.

UPDATE: The next story-time post will include photos of my now stitch-less hand!



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  1. Caleb0114 says:

    You should make more storytime articles!

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