Peach Preserves

Ahhhh…fresh peaches…tell me my friends, what is better than fresh fruit? On the other hand, what is better than preserves? I’m sure there is something, but I can’t think of it right now…..Jams and jellies can be used in so many dishes, but are usually best when enjoyed atop bread products…:) Onto a completely different topic, this post took awhile to complete as I had to type it with one hand. Why am I typing with one hand you may ask? All right, I’ll tell you. I had a slight mishap with my flexor tendon, a Miracle blade, and a cabbage, resulting in the need for somewhat extensive medical care which I may or may not put into more detail after it occurs. In light of this, I will likely be absent from the food part of this blog for a week or so while I recover. However, I am launching a new Saga titled Storytime: The Woes of Kitchen Knives which will be unveiled no later the tomorrow. But enough about my problems, lets make like a good homeschooler and can our own preserves!

The Ingredients: 10-12 large overripe peaches, 1/2 cup pectin (or more if it seems too thin), 2 cups organic sugar, the juice of one lemon.

Mash the peaches with a potato masher in a large heavy-bottomed pot over low heat until they are mostly crushed, leave some chunks if you like a more authentic texture. If you do not want to mash them by hand, simply skip the first step and puree them in a food processor until smooth. Increase the heat and bring the crushed peaches to a boil. Add the lemon juice and sugar. Stir well. Let it boil for five more minutes before adding the pectin. Add the pectin, stirring constantly, turn off the heat and let sit for ten minutes or so. Meanwhile, fill your canning jars with hot water from the sink and let them sit until you are ready to use. When the preserves have cooled, place a canning funnel atop each jar and slowly pour the contents through it. When all the jars are filled, tighten the lids and refrigerate overnight. Enjoy!

Warning: Sarcastic humor ahead.

Disclaimer: This blogger does not guarantee the safety of this canning process, and therefore cannot be held responsible if your preserves get moldy, blow up, scorch, burn, do not reach the desired consistency that your little heart desires, turn into a pumpkin, or taste like a bad homeschool science project. This lack of responsibility applies to any and all other possible complaints and or lawsuits. 

Now that that is taken care of! Look at that delicious jam!

20160718_190751 20160718_190830 20160718_190856


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