Berry Cloud

Ohhhhhh…..this stuff is so good that I hesitate to post it…..I mean, this is a really good recipe. Don’t be shocked by the simplicity, the simple things in life are always worth it. Personally I appreciate these simple paths to deliciousness even more on hot summer days. Because who can resist cool, creamy goodness when they are hot and tired? Remember when you were a kid and your mom or grandma used to make that little southern delight known as Pink Salad? Or Pink Cottage Dessert, Strawberry Fluff, and whatever other fancy names people have for it these days. Anyway, focus now, focus….you would come home from church and hurry through your lunch to get to dessert because you knew that something good would make its brief appearance (before it was all scarfed down). That little something was known by everyone as the stuff little kid dreams are made of….soft, sweet, and fluffy, with delectable hints of fresh berries….basically heaven on a spoon. Now, imagine all those reminiscences come crashing down when you taste: acidic explosion!!!! Scalding the taste buds, ripping the skin from the insides of your cheeks! This evil is known by most of the human race as: Pineapple. Oh how I shudder at the thought! Canned pineapple is so…sooo…squishy, mushy, stringy, basically disgusting. But wait, don’t consider me a lost cause yet! I like fresh pineapple, but pineapple of any kind doesn’t agree with my mouth. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. So avoid acidic explosion! Use only berries! Sweet, innocent, heavenly berries.  And make this recipe soon, you will NEVER regret that you did.

How to walk on the clouds: 2 cups fresh blueberries, 1 box raspberry jello, 1 8 oz. container extra creamy whipped topping (or the same amount of fresh whipped cream), 1 to 1 1/2 cups small curd cottage cheese.

Soften the whipped topping in your microwave for thirty seconds (or throw dietary caution to the wind and use fresh whipped cream). Add it, the jello powder, berries, and cottage cheese to the bowl. Fold together gently with a rubber spatula, stopping as soon as the mixture is combined. Place into your freezer for one hour, no more, no less. Remove, and prepare for addiction.

Fear not the sloppy presentation! Focus in the rich, alluring pink color and flavor! Wait, how does something taste pink? Oh well, you know what I mean….I hope.

20160708_171020 20160708_171021 20160708_171028 20160708_171049


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