Layered Chocolate Pudding with Wafers

My family has always loved vanilla wafers, chocolate pudding, and Cool Whip. So I thought, why not combine all three for a delicious, unexpected cold delight? You can certainly use boxed chocolate pudding for this recipe, but there is no comparison between homemade and commercial pudding. Homemade pudding takes the same amount of time to make as those little packages of suspicious brown dust, so why not make homemade? Anyway, now that we have established that homemade pudding is superior, let’s make a half hour dessert that will disappear in ten minutes or less. This episode of Delicious Food 101 features The Chef and Friar Tyst.

The Chef: ” Friar Tyst, what are your opinions regarding homemade pudding?” Friar Tyst: “Well it’s real good (while tasting it).” The Chef: ” Do you prefer homemade to that dusty alternative?” Friar Tyst: “Yep.” The Chef: “Do you intend to consume a healthy portion of this dessert?” Friar Tyst: “Mm-hmm.”

The Ingredients: 3 dozen vanilla wafers, 1 batch of Queenbee’s Dark Chocolate Pudding, 1 16 oz. container of Cool Whip.

Cooking Tip: Vanilla wafers or hard chocolate cookies are a good substitute for graham crackers in no-bake desserts.

Follow the recipe instructions for Dark Chocolate Pudding, then lay one dozen vanilla wafers in in the bottom of the serving bowl, top with half of the chocolate pudding and half of the Cool Whip. Put another eighteen wafers atop the Cool Whip and layer the remaining pudding and whipped topping in this order. Use the remaining wafers to decorate the top! We did a flower shape with marbled decorations.:)






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